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6200 Interchanger Kit

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Make fast, easy changes to planter wheels as planting conditions change with the 6200 Interchanger Kit. It is compatible with wheel assemblies that bolt on through the bearing.


  • Makes it possible to use cordless impact wrench or ratchet to remove closing wheels, enabling a quick change to different closing wheel models
  • Kits available for John Deere, Kinze, and White planters

Interchange for Closing Wheel Quick Change

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6200 Cast Spike Closing Wheel

The 16-toothed 6200 Cast Spike Closing Wheel features a wide-crowned depth band that controls spike depth and prevents seed disturbance.

6200 Paddle Closing Wheel™

Paddles fracture sidewall compaction and eliminate air pockets to create a uniform seed trench across the entire seed zone.

6200 Twister Poly Closing Wheel

Eliminate sidewall compaction and achieve seed trench closure with the 6200 Twister Poly Closing Wheel.

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