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Rotary hoe running through field

Yetter Rotary Hoes are the solution for crust-busting, weed control, sand-fighting, residue management, and pre-planting preparation.

For decades, the rotary hoe has been saving emerging crops by breaking up soil crust formed by heavy rains. All our rotary hoes are equipped with 21" diameter hoe wheels that feature self-sharpening, spoon-bill teeth. Just one pass breaks up soil around the seed, re-energizing it to ensure emergence and eliminate the need for re-planting.

Rotary hoes can also be used to:

  • Reduce sand blowing
  • Aerate and fluff wet soils before planting
  • Incorporate herbicide, so it can activate and control weeds before they emerge
  • Eliminate young weeds in organic and conventionally tilled fields without the use of chemicals

Yetter Rotary Hoes are designed to operate at 7-10 mph. A variety of toolbar sizes are available.

3400/3500 Standard Rotary Hoe

The 3400/3500 Standard Rotary Hoe rescues emerging plants by busting soil crust. Short- and long-cast arms stagger wheels 7".

3400/3500 Min-Till Rotary Hoe

The 3400/3500 Min-Till Rotary Hoe offers 13" of additional stagger, making it an ideal fit for busting soil crust in higher-residue operations. Short- and long-cast arms stagger wheels 21".

3600 Pull-Type Rotary Hoe

The 3600 Pull-Type Rotary Hoe is a crop-saving tool with a narrow-transport design. Short- and long-cast arms stagger wheels 7".

3700 Ridge-Till Rotary Hoe

Till an area up to 15" wide on top of ridges or strips and bust soil crust with the 3700 Ridge-Till Rotary Hoe. Short- and long-cast arms stagger wheels 7".

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