Yetter Farm Equipment

Air Adjust Series - Products

2940 Air Adjust™ Row Cleaner

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Take pneumatic control from the cab and quickly adapt row cleaners to changing conditions.

2940-010 Air Adjust™ Coulter/Row Cleaner Combo

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Take control from the cab with the pneumatic 2940-010 Air Adjust Coulter/Row Cleaner Combo, a unit-mounted coulter with an adjustable floating residue manager.

2940 Firming Wheel

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The ideal growing environment is just a push of a button away with the pneumatic Yetter 2940 Air Adjust™ Firming Wheel.

2940-020 Rolling Basket

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The pneumatic 2940 Air Adjust™ Rolling Basket crumbles and firms soil, leading to a smoother ride for row-unit gauge wheels and more consistent ground conditions.

2940 Air Adjust™ In-Cab Controller

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Quickly make adjustments to the Yetter Air Adjust products with the 2940 In-Cab-Controller, also available in an ISOBUS-compatible option.

2940 Air Adjust™ Pneumatic Controller Kit and Compressor Kit

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The 2940 Pneumatic Controller features pneumatic technology to make the fastest adjustments in the industry utilizing the Yetter-exclusive Proportional Quick Exhaust (PQE) valve system.

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