Yetter wishes you a safe & successful 2024 planting season!
Yetter Farm Equipment

When you're researching new equipment purchases for your farming operation, you need accurate information quickly. The Yetter team is here for you with multiple options for connecting with us. We pride ourselves on the fact that our sales and service team is readily available to our customers. 



The tools and resources below are designed to deliver facts about our equipment lineup so you feel confident in your decision to purchase from Yetter. 

Planter Compatibility Guides

Not sure what Yetter equipment will fit your planter's make and model? We've got you covered with our extensive collection of Planter Compatibility Guides.



ROI Calculator

Enter your operation's unique information in our calculator to find out your potential first-year return on investment when you add Yetter planter attachments to your planting setup.



Blade Selection Chart

Yetter offers a wide range of coulter blade options. Use this chart to help you find the right blade for your equipment and operation.



Shipping & PICK-UP

General information about local pick-up, as well as how we ship orders placed for delivery within the United States and internationally. 



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