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Planter Compatibility Guides

Planter attachments require a specific amount of clearance on the planter or seeder for proper installation. This clearance requirement is sometimes referred to as the “window.”

To eliminate the guesswork from selecting planter attachments, Yetter Farm Equipment developed comprehensive Planter Compatibility Guides that show which Yetter coulters, fertilizer attachments, closing wheels, and row cleaners are available to fit your planter make and model.

Click your planter make to jump to that list of guides. 


How to Use the Planter Compatibility Guides

In the list below, locate the manufacturer and model number of your planter and click the link. You’ll find a chart with compatible Yetter products.

Here are some tips for reading the chart:

  • There are three columns. From left to right, they show:
    • Available options for your planter
    • Part numbers of products that are available for each option
    • How many of each part number to order, based on the size of your planter
  • Find the column with the correct number of rows for your planter.
  • Follow that column down and across from the option you’d like to order.
  • Order the correct quantity for your planter. If a part is listed as optional, it may be excluded from the order. Take note of any asterisks (*) and read the associated comments before finalizing an order.

Important Questions to Ask

Always review your planter’s clearance requirements before adding or substituting any planter attachment. Also, make sure you have the equipment you need to make the attachment fit. In some cases, setback kits and extension bars are necessary, regardless of your equipment and conditions.

Before you order an attachment, make sure you have considered:

  • Make of your planter
  • Planter model number
  • Number of rows (and whether narrow or wide)
  • Type of fold
  • Fertilizer bar kit
  • Fertilizer bar size
  • Main frame size
  • Any attachments that are already on the planter
  • What field condition you’ll be operating in

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NOTICE – The information contained in this guide is offered in good faith by Yetter Farm Equipment to further the understanding of no-till farming. However, the use of the information provided is beyond the control of Yetter Farm Equipment, and in no case shall Yetter Farm Equipment or any seller of its products be responsible for any damages which may occur from the use of this information. All such risks shall be assumed by the user.

Adobe Acrobat® Reader is required to view the Planter Compatibility Guides. Download a free copy from Adobe's website.

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