Yetter Farm Equipment

Strip-Till Units - Products

2984 Maverick™ HR Plus®

The 2984 Maverick HR Plus is the strip-till tool for managing residue while placing fertilizer to create spring or fall strips for the planter to plant into.

2984 Strip Freshener

The 2984 Strip Freshener is a versatile strip-till unit that creates a 10" wide area of controlled tillage with the option of placing fertilizer in strips. Refreshes existing or creates new strips.

2984 Strip Freshener Cab Control (CC)

Controlled with a multiple-circuit air system, the 2984 Strip Freshener Cab Control (CC) allows for quick, independent adjustments of air pressure settings, row cleaner, rolling basket, and row unit down pressure from the cab as you create or revive strips.

2984 Rolling Basket

Further condition soil in tilled strips with the 2984 Rolling Basket. A U-shaped crossbar design tills and conditions to firm the soil berm.

2984 Vertical Tillage Adapter

The 2984 Vertical Tillage Adapter converts the 2984 Maverick™ HR Plus® into a coulter-only strip-till tool.

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