Yetter Farm Equipment

Toolbar-Mount Fertilizer Equipment - Products

4000 Nutrient-Pro Coulter

Spring-loaded and equipped with a depth-control wheel, the 4000 Nutrient-Pro Coulter is the right choice for precise placement of liquid or dry fertilizer.

2996 Parallel Linkage Fertilizer Coulter

Efficient, effective placement of fertilizer is achieved with the 2996 Parallel Linkage Coulter.

2930/2950 Disc Chisel Coulter

Designed to utilize blade sizes from 16" to 20", the spring-loaded 2930/2950 Coulter is used for many applications.

2995 Xtreme Fertilizer Coulter

The 2995 Xtreme Fertilizer Coulter (XFC) is capable of high-speed fertilizer application in tough soil conditions.

Generation III Fertilizer Coulter

This spring-loaded coulter utilizes blade sizes from 17" to 20". Depth can quickly be adjusted to the desired setting with the toolbar mounting bracket.

2910 Injector Kits

Turn your cutting coulter into a fertilizer placement coulter with the 2910-114 Liquid Injector Kit or the 2910-137 High-Clearance Injector Kit.

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