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Generation III Fertilizer Coulter

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This spring-loaded coulter utilizes blade sizes from 17" to 20". Depth can quickly be adjusted to the desired setting with the toolbar mounting bracket. The Generation III Fertilizer Coulter is designed to be mounted on toolbar fertilizer equipment.


  • Available with CAD-tip fertilizer knife for liquid or dry fertilizer or spring-loaded injection
  • Uses 17" or 20" ripple or 25 multi-wave blade
  • Features exclusive poly-plastic spring insert for extra down pressure in tough conditions
  • Spring pressure is adjustable; increase factory setting to cut through tough soil conditions
  • Quickly change depth setting by adjusting the 1 1/2" diameter shank at the mounting bracket


  • Available toolbar mounting kits: 2 1/2" x 2 1/2", 3" x 3", 4" x 4", 4" x 6", 6" x 4", 6" x 6", 5" x 7", and 7" x 7"
  • Mount shank: 1 1/2" round
  • Weight: 81 lbs. with coulter, shank, clamp, and 20" blade


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  • 2990-208 Shank, 12 5/8" long, 3" offset
  • 2990-221 Shank, 27" long, 3" offset
  • 2990-310 Shank, 12 5/8" long 
  • 2990-318 Shank, 16" 
  • 2990-342 Shank, 18" long, 3/4" offset
  • 2990-350 Shank, 27 1/8"
  • 2990-353 Shank, 22” long, 3/4" offset
  • 2990-370 Shank, 30" long
  • 2990-377 Shank, 15” long, 5 1/2" offset
  • 3010-303 Shank, 22" long 
  • 3011-302 Shank, 22" long, 5 1/2" offset 
  • 6300-331 Shank, 19" long, 3/4" offset 


Clamp Kits

  • 2975-151 Clamp Kit, 3" x 6" bar 
  • 2990-153 Clamp Kit, 2" sq bar
  • 2990-154 Clamp Kit, 2 1/2" sq bar 
  • 2990-155 Clamp Kit, 2" x 6" bar 
  • 2990-156 Clamp Kit, 4" x 4" sq bar
  • 2990-157 Clamp Kit, 5" x 7" bar
  • 2990-158 Clamp Kit, 7" x 7" bar 
  • 2990-159 Clamp Kit, 3" diamond bar
  • 2990-163 Clamp Kit, 3" sq bar
  • 2990-171 Clamp Kit, 3" x 4" bar
  • 2990-172 Clamp Kit, 4" x 6" bar
  • 2990-173 Clamp Kit, 6" x 4" bar
  • 2990-175 Clamp Kit, 7" x 4" bar
  • 2990-182 Clamp Kit, 4" x 7" bar 
  • 6300-105 Clamp Kit, 5" x 5" bar 



  • 2571-158 17" Ripple Blade
  • 2571-179 17" 25 Wave Blade
  •  2571-165 17" Smooth Notch Blade
  • 2571-076 20" Ripple Blade
  • 2571-202 20" 25 Wave Blade

Generation III Fertilizer Coulter

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2970 Knife Scraper

The 2970 Knife Scraper option keeps residue from interfering with fertilizer knives in tough conditions.

2975 Gauge Wheel

Maintain fertilizer coulter depth with the polymer-constructed 2975 Gauge Wheel.

6200 N Keeper™

Close the blade and knife opening created during pre-plant and side-dress fertilizer application with the 6200 N Keeper.

Double-Frame Hydraulic Locking Toolbar

The Double-Frame Hydraulic Locking Toolbar can be customized for a variety of applications, including strip-tillage, pre-plant or side-dress, fertilizing, and more.

Setback Kit

When additional space is needed on your planter, the 2975 Setback Kit moves row units back 6" to add extra clearance.

Single-Frame Hydraulic Locking Toolbar

With the versatile design of the Single-Frame Hydraulic Locking Toolbar, growers can achieve the exact custom setup they need for a variety of applications, including strip-tillage, pre-plant or side-dress, fertilizing, and more.

Use less than 30 PSI to reduce the amount of splattering.

Center the blade on the hub so that it is concentric when it turns. Place the knife top up to the coulter blade so the knife and coulter blade just slightly contact each other at the tip. Then, as the coulter blade rotates up the knife, you want to have a gradual gap between the knife and coulter blade. Also, the knife needs to be centered side to side on the coulter blade.

In some conditions, a knife scraper is needed to keep the residue from dragging up on the fertilizer knife.

Strip-till an asset in dry years

Paul Hamann has found that it pays to be creative when planting strip-till corn-on-corn. By constructing his own strip-till bar and fertilizer cart with his son and brother, he estimates he saved several thousand dollars.

By redesigning and shortening a used ridge-till cultivator bar, Paul was able to reduce the tool in weight and length for use on his small farm. He outfitted the bar with Yetter 2984 Maverick™ HR Plus® units, and then mounted the bar on a caddy he found in Nebraska. To complete the setup, he obtained a 12,000-pound Montag fertilizer cart, built a frame, and attached that to the caddy as well.

"We were worried that we would have to make modifications, but 1,000 acres later, it’s proven it actually works," said Paul.

Like many in southeastern Minnesota, Paul’s cattle graze in his corn stalks in the fall, so he does spring strip-tilling. The Mavericks help him get the job done in time. He also used the tool on soybeans, and even in his neighbors’ alfalfa field, building a berm and putting down fertilizer.  

"It’s a very good tool, and strip-till is a real asset in dry years," said Paul. "Residue and placement of the fertilizer is extremely crucial. We deposit fertilizer in the berm below the root zone, which enhances the roots and provides stimulus for the roots to go down to find the fertilizer and moisture. I’ve been able to see the difference between strip-tilled and non-strip-tilled fields."

Paul Hamann • MN

We don't lose nitrogen through nitrification

"We concluded that for our no-till operation, we needed to get fertilizer deeper into the ground. Because the Yetter injection system places the fertilizer in the ground, we don't lose nitrogen through nitrification or because it sits on the top of the residue. They've provided a big cost benefit because they've lowered our nitrogen needs per bushel. Yetter coulters are also are a pretty fuel-efficient option.

"I like Yetter products because they are well-researched and the designs advance with the times. Yetter sales reps are great—always willing to help me execute new ideas."

Eric Maaske • NE

Immediately ordered seven more

After he saw a Yetter Farm Equipment magazine ad, Sixtus Laskowski ordered one Yetter 2968 Row-Unit Mount In-Between Fertilizer Opener for his thousand-acre farm near Stockdale, Texas. He mounted it on his 7300 John Deere planter, tested it, and immediately ordered seven more.

He used the opener for his spring planting of corn, grain sorghum, and cotton. Sixtus says the fertilizer openers work well across his range of soils, from black loam to pure sand. He describes his tillage method as "minimum conventional tillage."

He places the fertilizer two inches below and two inches to the side of his cotton rows. "It’s far enough away so that it doesn’t affect germination, but available when the cotton starts setting roots," he said.

To protect the equipment from corrosion after exposure to fertilizer, he flushes it thoroughly with water and applies a coat of oil.

Sixtus Laskowski • TX

2995/2996 Coulter and Knife Assembly

2995/2996 Coulter and Knife Assembly

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