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3600 Pull-Type Rotary Hoe

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The 3600 Pull-Type Rotary Hoe is designed to provide narrow transport down the road and cover 50', 60', or 66' in the field. The Rotary Hoe is the ideal tool to save crops from crusted soils during emergence, knock out weeds without the use of herbicides, aerate wet residue before planting, and help prevent blowing sand. 


  • Short- and long-cast arms stagger wheels 7" to facilitate residue flow
  • Wheels spaced on approximately 3 1/4" centers across width of machine
  • Spoon-bill wheel teeth are mounted on individual, spring-cushioned cast arms, allowing better soil contact with each wheel
  • Available with a wide array of options to fit the needs of your operation (helper springs, trash guards, and min-till conversion kit)
  • Very fuel-efficient, with low horsepower requirements; can be operated at speeds of 8-10 mph
  • 7" x 7" single-tube toolbar with widths of 50', 54', 60', and 66'
  • Offers a narrow transport width of 11.5'
  • Toolbar flex is plus or minus 7°
  • Requires two hydraulic remotes for operation with external hydraulic-fold cylinder
  • Powder-coat paint for a durable, attractive finish
  • Features hydraulic-folding pull-type toolbar
  • Breaks up crusted soil to improve emergence
  • Mechanically rips out young weeds
  • Aerates and fluffs soil around growing plants
  • Incorporates herbicides and small seeds in one fast pass


  • Hoe wheels: 21" diameter hoe wheels equipped with sealed Gothic arch ball bearing
  • Riveted wheel assembly: 16 forged, self sharpening, spoon-bill teeth
  • Main wheels: Adjustable with on-center spacings (82.5", 88", 90", 98.5", 110", 120")
  • Main tires: 14L-16.1 10 ply with 8 bolt hubs
  • Gauge tires: 9.5L-15SL 8 ply with 6 bolt hubs
  • Wheel spacing: Approximately 3 1/4" centers
  • Down pressure: 18 lbs. with standard springs
  • Safety features: SMV emblem, reflectors, and light kit


3600 Pull-Type Rotary Hoe – Operator’s Manual

Download PDF

3600 Pull-Type Rotary Hoe – Parts Manual

Download PDF

180° Flat-Folding Yetter Rotary Hoes in Field

Watch our 60-foot flat-folding Yetter Rotary Hoes unfold and make passes through the field!

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