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6200-036 Twister Cast Ring

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The 6200-036 Twister Cast Ring can replace the rubber ring on John Deere, White, and newer Kinze planters.



  • Kit includes 2 cast spike rings that are compatible with factory 1" x 12" closing wheel assemblies
  • Utilizes 1 3/8" twisted cast spikes and a rounded center to close the planter disc opening
  • Wheel is bi-directional
  • Added weight from cast iron material improves seed furrow closing, even in the most severe conditions
  • Enhances seed-to-soil contact and helps prevent yield-robbing air pockets
  • Eliminates potential for sidewall compaction
  • Left and right directional wheels can be turned around on each side to extend life of the wheel

Twister Closing Wheels are sold as a set per row, which includes a right and a left Twister wheel and extra washers for spacing. Mounting hardware, such as nuts and bolts, is not included and would need to be ordered separately if you are needing new hardware for any reason. Call 800-447-5777 to learn more about our closing wheel hardware mounting kits.

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For even more in-depth information about the Twister, including study results and ROI data, visit the product focus page.


Product Focus Page

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