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2968 Dual Fertilizer Opener

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The 2968 Dual Fertilizer Opener is one of the most flexible fertilizer openers on the market. Its dual-placement design ensures the plant has fertilizer wherever and whenever it needs it throughout the season.


  • Achieves consistent off-the-row placement for starter or liquid fertilizers on both sides of the row
  • Make quick adjustments between placement locations; options are 2" or 3" off the row
  • Utilizes two 10" discs to open fertilizer slots
  • Discs are located behind gauge wheel, eliminating fertilizer and damp soil buildup on gauge wheel
  • Compact design makes planter installation quick and easy
  • Adjust depth quickly with cordless impact or wrench
  • Allows the use of other attachments on the front of the row unit
  • Fits mounted and pull-type planters


  • Weight: 56 lbs.
  • Adds 13" to the row unit length
  • Optional 11" disc


2968-090 Spring Loaded Knife Option

  • This option allows user to replace the standard injection method with the spring loaded knife to place fertilizer



2968-040 Dual Fertilizer Opener

John Deere 1700, 7200, 7300

2968-041 Dual Fertilizer Opener

Kinze; John Deere 7000, 7100

2968-042 Dual Fertilizer Opener

White 8000

2968-043 Dual Fertilizer Opener

White 9000

2968-044 Dual Fertilizer Opener

Harvest International

2968-051 Dual Fertilizer Opener

Case IH 2000

2968-053 Dual Fertilizer Opener

Case IH 1200

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2968 Row-Unit Mount In-Between Single & Dual Wheel Fertilizer Opener (2020)

Download PDF

2968 Row-Unit Mount In-Between Single & Dual Wheel Fertilizer Opener (for Case IH)

2968 In-Between Fertilizer Opener- Single & Dual

2968 In-Between Fertilizer Opener- Single & Dual
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