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6000 Tru Closer™

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Improve closing wheel performance and enhance seed-to-soil contact with the Tru Closer. The Tru Closer gives you the flexibility to quickly change tailpiece wheel angle settings for planting speed, seed depth, tillage practices, and soil conditions.


  • Features 20° range of camber motion (-5° toe in to +15° toe out)
  • Toe out setting brings the seed furrow closed, eliminating air pockets and enhancing seed-to-soil contact
  • Slide equalizer adjusts spring pressure to calibrate row-to-row downforce setting on each closing wheel
  • GEZ spherical, ball-swivel bearing design improves wear life and eliminates side-to-side movement
  • Interchanger allows for quick adjustment and removal of closing wheels; no need to hold hex nut with wrenches
  • Drag chain mounting holes allow quick installation


*Patent Pending




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6000 Series Tru Closer™


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