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Residue Management in Soft Soils

Soil resistance keeps residue management tools operating properly. Consequently, managing residue in soft soils can be extremely tricky. Fortunately, Yetter Farm Equipment has put together this list of tips for preparing the perfect seedbed in even the softest soil conditions.



  • Check the operator’s manual and make sure the planter frame height is adjusted to the recommended height.
  • Make sure the planter frame is level front-to-back and side-to-side.
  • Check planting depth frequently, especially after a change in soil conditions.


Depth Control

  • Floatation tires are recommended if fertilizer tanks are mounted on the planter frame.
  • The number of flex points relative to the planter frame length is important. The larger the frame, the more flex points are required.
  • Residue management tools may require additional depth control for improved floatation in soft soils. However, the footprint of the planter row unit depth gauge wheels should provide adequate floatation. “Dualing” the wheel may be required in extreme conditions.
  • Gauge wheel tire size selection is determined by the capacity of the seed hopper and whether a granular insecticide box is being used.
  • When possible, adjust the residue management tool to float independently of the row unit for improved operation.
  • Row unit down pressure springs should be adjusted to difficult soil conditions. Soft soils require less down pressure.


Horsepower Requirements

  • Horsepower requirements should be matched to the additional draft of the planter in soft soil conditions.
  • Sufficient horsepower should be available to maintain an operating ground speed of 4-6 mph.


There are many different residue management tools available in the Yetter Farm Equipment lineup. Always be sure to select the tool that is the best match for your residue and field conditions.



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