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The 71 Planter Unit is a mechanical-plate planter. Able to plant a variety of seed types, this unit is a great fit for food plots, small hobby farms, custom planting operations, and replant planter setups. The 71 Planter Unit has a low-maintenance cost and is accurate, dependable, easy to use, and extremely flexible.


  • Each row unit is ground-driven with changeable sprockets for desired seed spacing
  • Compatible with plates from Lincoln Ag Products for flat and round corn, sweet corn, soybeans, sunflowers, cotton, sugar beets, edible beans, pumpkins, food plot mixes, etc.
  • Features parallel linkage, simple depth control, and adjustable down pressure springs to keep seed depth uniform as field conditions change
  • 4" x 16" press wheel with chevron-patterned tread provides consistent drive and depth control for row unit
  • 1.3-bushel hopper with large lids facilitates easy refills
  • Yetter toolbars with category 1, three-point hitch available for one- to six-row configurations
  • Row unit utilizes 12" double disc seed furrow openers that create an ideal seed slot in conventional and minimum-tillage conditions


Press wheel: 4" x 16" with chevron tread 

Hopper: 1.3 bushel

Proven over thousands of acres

John Reidhar and his sons run a 10,000-acre farming operation, and he also builds planters for use in small-scale farming and for food plots. He has found no substitute for the adaptability and effectiveness of the Yetter 71 Series Planter Units. 

"We use the Yetter 71 Series Planter Units to plant approximately 300 acres of food plots on the land we own and the ground we lease to others. The singulation of the seeds—accurate seed placement—cannot be beaten by any other brand’s plate-type planter on the market. Over the last half-century, the Yetter units have been proven over thousands of acres on many types of agricultural operations to be the best and toughest plate-type planters being sold today.

"These planters do an excellent job in conventional planting, and they also do extremely well in no-till situations with the optional 2999 Frame-Mount Coulters."

John Reidhar • AR

Developed over 200 wildlife-habitat planters made from Yetter products

Brent Jungman of Jungman Wildlife Supply has developed over 200 wildlife-habitat planters made from Yetter products. Using the 71 Planter Unit with the 2967 Screw Adjust Residue Managers mounted on the front of the planter, Jungman has created a unique design. "It took a little trial and error," Brent said, "but the new, flexible unit works well for wildlife food-plot planting.

"For three years, we’ve built them and shipped them around the country. We went with Yetter products originally because the company has been around for a while and has a reputation for developing a quality product," said Brent.

"We’ve had a lot of luck with the units we’ve built using Yetter products—all our customers who have bought the planter have loved it."

Brent Jungman • NE

I wanted a custom-built, small planter

As a first-year farmer with a small acreage, Mike Sottile turned to Yetter Manufacturing for the company's 71 Series Planter Units. "I went to my local equipment dealer looking for a reasonable planting setup. I wanted a custom-built, small planter. The Yetter planter units were not too large, and they were a good fit for my narrow soybean rows." This year, Mike narrowed his rows further to 15-inch spacing and increased the number on units on his planter to 11.

"I also have a single unit on a small frame that we pull with a four-wheeler," said Mike. "It's perfect for tight spots or patching and repair without running the tractor down the row. The seed placement with the Yetter planter units has been very good. So has the emergence. Once I understood how to operate them, I had very little trouble with them—especially for a first-time farmer!"

Mike Sottile • NJ

71 Series Planter

71 Series Planter

Planter Unit    6010-150


Toolbar           4" x 4" square

6010-004      10' toolbar

6010-005       4' toolbar


U-bolt Kit       2996-121

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