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1200 LidLift™

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During planting—when every minute counts—the task of filling planters goes more smoothly and takes less time with the 1200 LidLift. Open all seed box lids with the turn of a knob to check seed levels or fill with seed. The LidLift holds lids down, so there’s no need to worry about losing lids during transport. It’s a simple upgrade to make filling row units easier. 


  • Saves time and makes filling or checking seed levels in boxes easier
  • Features quick-release latch for row-meter service
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Latching mechanism locks lid down until released manually or pneumatically
  • Prevents loss of lids during transport or planting
  • Fits most planter models with individual boxes
  • Requires small pneumatic source


*Patent Pending


  • Optional 2-gallon air compressor kit
  • Utilizes 1/4" airline tubing

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The Yetter 1200 LidLift Manual

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Lid Lift time saver

"The Lid Lift system saves time and it's easier for filling, or checking seed levels in boxes and it lets you open all rows in seconds with turn of a knob."

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1200 LidLift

1200 LidLift

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