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The high-capacity 2000 Series All Steer Cart can be used for fertilizer or herbicide as you plant, side-dress, strip-till, or cultivate. Available in dual- or single-tank setups, its reinforced steel frame supports a maximum load of 30,000 pounds. All four tires are able to turn and track, minimizing crop damage and compaction.


  • 120" tread width offers outstanding load stability while allowing the axles to straddle the rows (other row spacing available)
  • Low-profile tank design lowers center of gravity
  • Front and rear axles pivot on greasable fifth wheels
  • Front axle pivots up to 10° up or down from the center line to relieve stress using dual-pivot design
  • Spring-loaded and self-engaging Sure Lock allows for quick change from four-wheel to two-wheel steering
  • 18.4-26/12-ply industrial tires provide needed clearance for side-dress operations
  • Standard hazard warning lights and SMV emblem
  • Dual-tank model carries two products for split application or can be plumbed to increase single product capacity
  • Available with black carts and white tanks or with green carts and yellow tanks (see model details tab)



  • Single-tank capacity: 1,600 gallon
  • Dual-tank capacity: 1,600 + 400 gallon
  • Maximum load: 30,000 lbs. (including cart)
  • Axle: Standard for 30" rows; spacer kits available for 22", 36", and 38" rows
  • Tires: Titan® 18.4-26/10-ply industrial lug with 26" ground clearance
  • Spindles: 3" bolt-on (8)
  • Weight, 2000 All Steer with tires: 4,300 lbs.
  • Weight, 1600 All Steer with tires: 4,100 lbs.
  • Width:  138"
  • Height: 90"
  • Length, front tire to back tire: 177"
  • Length, tongue retracted: 289"

Download the All Steer dimensions diagram

Available Configurations

  2,000 Gallon Dual Tank (1,600 gallon + 400 gallon) 1,600 Gallon Single Tank
Tank + cart(s) X X
Cart w/ saddles X X
Cart less saddles   X
Green cart/yellow tank X X
Black cart/white tank X X
Split application capable X  

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1600/2000 All Steer High-Capacity Fertilizer Cart

Real world solutions

"I've had great success with my Yetter Coulter cart, on which I mount 2995 series dry fertilizer coulters in front of my 12-tow semi-mounted planter. I mounted an air delivery system so I can auger fertilizer into one hopper rather than four boxes. I really like the convenience of one hopper, plus I get fertilizer placed off to the side of the row. The system is working well for me."

Bob Landgren • ND

2000-015 All Steer

2000-015 All Steer

2000-001 All Steer

2000-001 All Steer

Yetter All Steer

Yetter All Steer

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