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2966-021 Floating Row Cleaner for No-Till Coulters

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The 2966-021 is a single-wheel floating row cleaner designed to attach to 2960-021 Unit-Mount Coulters for John Deere planters equipped with twin row units. 



  • Weight: 32.5 lbs.
  • Adds 24" to length of the row unit

2960 / 2966-021 Coulter-Residue Manager for John Deere Twin Row Planter

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2960-021 Unit-Mount Coulter

The 2960-021 Unit-Mount Coulter mounts to John Deere planters equipped with twin row units. It lightly tills the ground in front of the planter's opener blades.

  • Increase down pressure on row unit
  • Check planter frame height
  • Add ballast to planter frame
  • Adjust no-till coulter to penetrate less than seed depth

In some conditions, a knife scraper is needed to keep the residue from dragging up on the fertilizer knife.

Combo works great in all conditions.

Stan and Don Grigg of Toulon, Illinois, use Yetter coulter/residue manager combinations on their planters. According to Stan, "The combo works great in all conditions. It's so easy to go from lock-down to float mode, and I love being able to disengage and raise up the residue managers when they are not needed."

Stan and Don Grigg • IL

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