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1000 Auger Ace™

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Save time and safely deposit grain into your storage bin with the 1000 Auger Ace. With just the push of a lever, the Auger Ace aligns grain augers and conveyor discharge spouts with storage containers and bin intake holes. The Auger Ace eliminates time spent centering auger discharge with openings, as well as unsafe methods like using jacks or boards to align grain augers.



  • Double-acting hydraulic cylinder allows for quick and easy side-to-side leveling in relation to the storage container or grain bin intake hole
  • Make adjustments to the spout from the tractor seat
  • Includes universal mounting brackets for grain and fertilizer augers and conveyors
  • Hydraulic cylinder is supported by mounting base to rectangular, square, or round tubing rail structure




  • Size/type of cylinder: 3" x 16" ASAE
  • Available for 4, 5, and 6-bolt hubs
  • Two ball valves and fittings are supplied with cylinder
  • Hydraulic hoses and tractor coupler are not supplied

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1000 Auger Ace to fit 4-, 5-, or 6-bolt grain auger wheel hubs

1000 Auger Ace-FPS

1000 Auger Ace-FPS

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