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Give crops a faster start and place fertilizer for plant roots with the planter-mounted 2959 Fertilizer Opener coulter. The coulter blade cuts a slot to inject liquid fertilizer two inches to the side of the seed and can be set to inject either shallower or deeper than the planting depth. Add a floating row cleaner to the 2959 Fertilizer Opener to accomplish both residue management and fertilizer placement during planting.


  • 16" ripple or 25 multi-wave blade cuts a slot 2" to the left or right of the row
  • Features adjustable depth settings for desired fertilizer placement
  • Comes with standard adjustable hose barb, or order with optional spring tine injector for adding an injection tip and orifice
  • Add the 2967-180A Floating Row Cleaner to move residue while placing fertilizer
  • Optional mounting kit for Precision Planting CleanSweep® enables air adjustment of floating row cleaners


  • Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Length: 17 15/16"
  • Length: 26" with 2967-180A Floating Row Cleaner

We don't lose nitrogen through nitrification

"We concluded that for our no-till operation, we needed to get fertilizer deeper into the ground. Because the Yetter injection system places the fertilizer in the ground, we don't lose nitrogen through nitrification or because it sits on the top of the residue. They've provided a big cost benefit because they've lowered our nitrogen needs per bushel. Yetter coulters are also are a pretty fuel-efficient option.

"I like Yetter products because they are well-researched and the designs advance with the times. Yetter sales reps are great—always willing to help me execute new ideas."

Eric Maaske • NE

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