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6200 Firming Wheel

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Create the perfect seedbed in tough soil conditions with the 6200 Firming Wheel. Compatible with closing wheels, the Firming Wheel gently firms the seed zone to facilitate an ideal growing environment and set the stage for even emergence. The Firming Wheel works in wide range of tillage practices: minimum till, conventional, strip-till, vertical tillage, and no-till.


  • Gently firms seedbed and helps prevent air pockets
  • Enhances seed-to-soil contact leading to uniform emergence
  • Complements closing wheels
  • Adjustable spring pressure


  • Length: Adds 19 1/2" to length of row unit
  • Weight: 54 lbs.
6200-022 Firming Wheel Kinze Evolution, Kinze, John Deere 7000
6200-023 Firming Wheel John Deere 1700, 7200 and 7300
6200-024 Firming Wheel White 8000

2940 Firming Wheel

The ideal growing environment is just a push of a button away with the pneumatic Yetter 2940 Air Adjust™ Firming Wheel.

6200 Cast Spike Closing Wheel

The 16-toothed 6200 Cast Spike Closing Wheel features a wide-crowned depth band that controls spike depth and prevents seed disturbance.

6200 Paddle Closing Wheel™

Paddles fracture sidewall compaction and eliminate air pockets to create a uniform seed trench across the entire seed zone.

6200 Twister Poly Closing Wheel

Eliminate sidewall compaction and achieve seed trench closure with the 6200 Twister Poly Closing Wheel.

  • Usually zero tension or first notch
  • Adverse conditions may require more tension
  • Full length of the spike should be in the soil

Works in all conditions

"The Yetter Spike Closing wheel, good in covers, no-till and conventional"

Fennig Equipment • OH

My Yetter residue managers cleared the path to higher yields

"My Yetter 2967 Screw Adjust Residue Managers cleared the path to higher yields in my soybeans. I added them to my 1790 John Deere planter with 15-inch spacing. My no-till soybean yields were an award-winning 89.77—the fourth highest in the country in all categories. Clearing the big pieces of residue out of the path of the planter has led to more consistent seed depth, which means more uniform stands. I operate them in very high residue conditions, and the SharkTooth® wheel has not had any issues with plugging. The Screw Adjust feature is operator friendly; I can achieve my desired settings very quickly with a turn of the knob.

"I also use the 6200 Cast Spike Closing Wheels. They are really effective at crumbling the soil over the seed and eliminating sidewall compaction. They complement the job the Screw Adjusts do in creating the ideal seedbed. Yetter attachments are durable and well made, and they have really earned their keep in my operation."



Kurt Oathout • IA

6200 Packer Wheel

6200 Packer Wheel

6200 Firming Wheel

6200 Firming Wheel

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