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2967 Narrow Rigid Row Cleaner

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The 2967 Narrow Rigid Row Cleaner is perfect for planters that have limited clearance for residue management. With a wheel angle designed for 15", 20", and 22" rows, it moves a narrow strip of residue to ensure proper seed placement.


  • Mounting bracket and stem allow depth to be changed by moving pin
  • Adjustable wheel position settings (recommended setting, standing behind the planter, is left half leads left side and right half leads right side)
  • Available with a range of residue management wheel options
  • Mounts to row unit faceplate


  • Weight: 37 lbs.
  • Length: 10 55/64"
2967-046 Narrow Rigid Row Cleaner No Yetter mount
2967-048 Narrow Rigid Row Cleaner John Deere, Kinze, White
2967-036 Narrow Rigid Row Cleaner Case IH

Beveled Wheel

The Beveled Wheel moves residue, clods, rocks, and other debris to help improve planting conditions.

Finger Wheel

The Finger Wheel moves residue, clods, rocks, and other debris to help improve planting conditions.

SharkTooth® Wheel

The industry-leading SharkTooth® Wheel features sharp, backward-sloping teeth.

  • Planter is not level—raise the planter drawbar
  • Too much row unit down pressure
  • Frame height is too low—refer to planter operator’s manual
  • Soil is very loose

  • Residue is hairpinning—too shallow
  • Soil is being moved—too deep
  • You see a wheel slow down once in a while—set about right

Yes, you can do whichever best fits your operation. If you take the seal out, you must grease every 50 hours. If you leave the seal intact, fill the wheel assembly with grease before using. No need to grease again until you replace the bearing.

In most conditions, mount the wheels offset in the front hole and rear hole. In some conditions, the wheels perform best when mounted in one front hole and one middle hole.

Made a world of difference

Adding SharkTooth® wheels to his residue manager made a world of difference to Paul Butler.

Paul's fields, which he plants half in beans and half in corn, grew too weedy over the winter to run straight wheels through each spring. "The weeds would just wrap around other wheels, and I had to stop every couple hours to clean them out," Paul said. That changed when Paul added the SharkTooth wheels. He liked the heavy-duty construction of the Yetter units and also was attracted to its competitive pricing.

Now, he can run his residue manager quickly to prepare the 400 acres in his no-till operation. "After I put on the SharkTooth wheels, I didn't stop once. They saved me a significant amount of time."

Paul Butler • IL

Worked extremely well

"The residue managers from Yetter Manufacturing worked extremely well. I had gone through the field with a chisel plow and went back to break up clods and heavy trash using the SharkTooth® wheels. No matter how heavy the trash got, there was no balling up behind the wheels. I know these products saved my neighbor a pass with the chisel plow and possibly two additional passes through the field, and I will save money because I will save a pass in the spring. I am always very satisfied with any equipment I get from Yetter."

Roger Eckland • IL

Used the same Yetter adjustable residue managers for 10 years

Steve Fulling has used the same Yetter adjustable residue managers for 12 years. Even though Steve does not farm a lot of acres and plants into tool-friendly clay soil, he has been impressed with their longevity. "They've been trouble-free," he said. "I didn't even have them apart until last year when I replaced the spiders and bearings."

Steve's residue managers are attached to a six-row John Deere 7000 series planter-an older model that still works well. He began the search for row-cleaners to add to his unit, and finding a tool that worked with his planter was important. After researching a competitor's option and finding they required the removal of his coulters, Steve heard about SharkTooth® wheels from a Yetter representative. "The SharkTooth wheels were a good fit," said Steve.

Steve no-tills and has planted into just about everything—corn-on-corn, corn-on-beans, beans-on-corn, and beans-on-wheat—with his Yetter residue managers. His SharkTooth wheels have performed well in corn-on-corn and corn-on-beans.

"I was never disappointed," Steve said. "I have always been pleased with the quality products Yetter puts out. You may pay a little more in the beginning, but the heavy-duty construction means you aren't welding when you should be planting," Steve commented.

Steve Fulling • IL

Durable product, and I wanted the SharkTooth

Kevin Keopp is one of a growing number of producers switching to twin-row corn. "Kinze just started building twin-row planters," said Kevin. "Not too long ago, machines for twin rows had to be custom built."

Kevin did customize his Kinze 3600 16/32 planter to handle minimum tillage in a twin-row system using Yetter SharkTooth® residue managers. First, a set of double-wheel residue managers slices through and moves stalks to the left and right. Next, a single-wheel SharkTooth residue manager cleans the space 7.5 inches to the left, clearing the path for the twin row of seeds to be planted.

"I chose Yetter because they had durable product, and I wanted the SharkTooth," said Kevin. "They cut right through the trash—that's the most exciting part. I can see it slicing straight through at about five miles an hour." Kevin is also pleased with the SharkTooth residue manager's lack of soil disruption. "I don't run coulters because they pull up too much damp soil. In Minnesota, we're on the damper side anyway, but the SharkTooth leaves us with dry soil to work with and gets me in the field as early as possible."

Kevin Keopp • MN

Saw great results this year

Vance Johnson saw great results this year with the Yetter 2967 residue managers and optional SharkTooth® wheels. The combination attachment worked with his planter and powered through tough corn residue so he could plant 360 acres of sugar beets and 330 acres of soybeans. "I absolutely love them," said Vance. "The teeth slice the stalks and keep rolling. They don't push root balls in front of the planter, and I don't have to stop moving to unplug the residue from the teeth."

Originally, Vance attached his Yetter 2967 residue managers and SharkTooth wheels to a 12-row planter. When he upgraded to a 24-row unit, he did not want to leave his Yetter tools behind. Vance replaced half the managers that came on the new planter with his Yetter combination. "I had nothing but trouble with the new planter's original residue managers, but the SharkTooth wheels worked perfectly," said Vance. "I plan on ordering 12 more this winter so I can upgrade my entire planter."

Vance originally picked Yetter products because he knew the company was associated with residue management and had a good reputation. He did not test the product beforehand, but took a "gamble" because he liked the backwards-angled tooth design. "I didn't think they would clog like spoke-wheel designs," Vance said.

Vance also said his gamble paid off: "I'm going to get my money's worth out of these!"

Vance Johnson • MN

Built with quality construction

"The Yetter Residue Manager is built with quality construction. It really complements your planter's performance in your strip-till system. It provides a wide range of adjustments, and it is durable. I am very pleased with the results."

Rodney Thompson • MO

A powerful tool for dealing with the trash left behind after a crop

Brandon Wilson knows cotton. He helps farm over 12,000 acres of it for AMD Farms. He also knows that Yetter SharkTooth® wheels coupled with 2967 residue managers are a powerful tool for dealing with the trash left behind after a crop. He appreciates the tools' heavy frames. "We run six John Deere 1720 12-row planters. They each handle about 2,000 acres a season, and the Yetter units run the entire time without any problems," said Brandon.

Brandon credits the SharkTooth wheels with enabling no-tillage in AMD's operation. "It's so much simpler, and we don't have the costs associated with conventional tillage. Their impact has been 100%—I would not be able to plant the way I do without them."

Brandon Wilson • NC

Shark Tooth Residue Manager

Shark Tooth Residue Manager

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