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2982 Vertical Tillage Attachment

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The 2982 Vertical Tillage Attachment is capable of running at speeds of 6 to 10 mph and can be used in the spring or fall. Use it for everything from breaking crust and warming the seedbed to sizing residue and incorporating fertilizer in the soil. The VTA mounts to chisel plows, field cultivators, and soil finisher shanks and equipment.


  • Lightly tills soil and incorporates and sizes residue
  • Can be equipped with a wide selection of coulter blades 16" to 18" (see blade selection chart)
  • Bolts onto chisel plow, field cultivator, or soil-finisher shanks
  • Available with adapters for NH3 shanks


  • Coulter spacing: 6"
  • Weight: 43 lbs. including two 18" blades


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Vertical Tillage Attachment Manual

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2982-001 VTA

2982-001 VTA

2982-001 VTA

2982-001 VTA

18" Blade Options:

  • 8 Wave
  • 13 Wave
  • 25 Wave


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