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The 6200-143 Stud Wheel Kit makes is possible to mount Yetter Cast Spike Closing Wheels to certain John Deere or Kinze planters models.


  • Is compatible with 6200-001 Cast Spike Closing Wheel on John Deere 7000/7100 or Kinze planter models from 1992 and older


  • Weight: 0.50 lbs.

We were looking for a setup that could work in both tillage systems.

Kevin Antrim of Antrim Farms has experimented with many combinations of closing wheels, including OEM rubber wheels and add-ons from several manufacturers.

"Some seemed to just throw out more dirt than anything. Our operation is about one-third no-till and two-thirds conventional till," said Kevin. "We were looking for a setup that could work in both tillage systems." Antrim Farms found the solution in Yetter Manufacturing's 6200 Cast Spike Closing Wheels.

Kevin now plants with a combination of OEM rubber wheels alternating with Yetter Spike Wheels. "We could not move back and forth between no-till and conventional tillage with the other units we tried. I believe they work so well because Yetter maintained the wheel portion of the unit," said Kevin. "Our no-till emergence has improved since we started using Yetter wheels."

Kevin Antrim • IN

Do a great job closing the furrow

"Our soil is Fargo clay," said Kevin Onchuck, who farms with his brother, Dan. "It's real sticky. We used to be able to walk behind our planter, look down at the furrow, and see the seed. Rubber closing wheels were not closing the furrow at all.

"We added a Yetter 6200 Cast Spike Closing Wheel on one side of each row unit on our White 8500 planter. They do a great job closing the furrow. Our germination has really improved."

Kevin has used the Cast Spike Closing Wheels for two years on 1,800 acres of corn and, when the weather cooperates, wheat. Due to the wet soil conditions, he sticks to conventional tillage practices. "The Cast Spike Closing Wheels are a good option to reduce sidewall compaction. They've been very durable. We're thinking of adding them to both sides of the row unit."

Kevin Onchuck • ND

My Yetter residue managers cleared the path to higher yields

"My Yetter 2967 Screw Adjust Residue Managers cleared the path to higher yields in my soybeans. I added them to my 1790 John Deere planter with 15-inch spacing. My no-till soybean yields were an award-winning 89.77—the fourth highest in the country in all categories. Clearing the big pieces of residue out of the path of the planter has led to more consistent seed depth, which means more uniform stands. I operate them in very high residue conditions, and the SharkTooth® wheel has not had any issues with plugging. The Screw Adjust feature is operator friendly; I can achieve my desired settings very quickly with a turn of the knob.

"I also use the 6200 Cast Spike Closing Wheels. They are really effective at crumbling the soil over the seed and eliminating sidewall compaction. They complement the job the Screw Adjusts do in creating the ideal seedbed. Yetter attachments are durable and well made, and they have really earned their keep in my operation."



Kurt Oathout • IA

Paddle Wheels combat sidewall compaction, manage soil erosion

Mitchell Corbin runs Yetter 6200 Paddle Closing Wheels™ on his 36-row, 20" John Deere planter, and he’s gotten some comments on them. "They don’t look like anything else I’ve had." When his dealer suggested he try them out to help with sidewall compaction, Mitchell agreed because he has been a fan of Yetter products since he started using the 2967 residue managers with SharkTooth® Wheels four years ago in his all no-till operation.

"Our soils are heavy clay, so sidewall compaction is a concern. The Paddle Wheels don’t move too much dirt and are not too aggressive. They do a job better than the cast iron wheels I have on my other rows."  Because Mitchell did not add Paddle Wheels to his entire planter, it was easy to do a good side-by-side comparison.

Mitchell has also found them to be a better fit for his rolling hills. "We farm all contours here—a 9-14% slope. The Paddle Wheels are more forgiving on the corners and do a better job closing the slot on the curves. The Paddle Wheel rows are just smoother."

In addition, the Paddle Wheels do a better job of preventing soil erosion. "I’ll go out after a hard rain and check the wash—the Paddle Wheel rows have 30-40% less wash than the others."

Of his tried-and-true Yetter residue managers, Mitchell said, "The SharkTooth wheels do an excellent job. I will add them again when I order a new planter."

Mitchell Corbin • MO

Closed the seed trench in heavy residue with the Twister Closing Wheel

"I was able to close the furrow in heavy, no-till soybean residue, which helped ensure near-perfect emergence. This resulted in my highest no-till corn yields to date. Another bonus was being able to use this closing wheel in conventional till."

Steve Pitstick • IL

Works in all conditions

"The Yetter Spike Closing wheel, good in covers, no-till and conventional"

Fennig Equipment • OH

Twister Closing Wheel works in diverse field conditions

"Really love what @YetterFarmEquip 6200 Twister Poly Closing Wheels do in all conditions."

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Nicholas Zwambag •

Twister Closing Wheel performed well in a variety of conditions

"Got a set of these [Twister Poly Closing Wheels] from Dave last year ... really performed well for us in a variety of conditions!"

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Nick Viney • WI

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