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  • 10 Reasons to Buy Yetter


    A Name Tested by Time The Yetter name is known by generations of farm families. By listening and responding to the needs of farmers over the years, we have forged strong, lasting relationships. This is the cornerstone of Yetter Farm Equipment’s time-tested reputation for value, service...nbsp;
  • Ag Mechanical Design Engineer


    Open position: Ag Mechanical Design Engineer     Yetter Manufacturing, a leader in the design and production of farm equipment located in Colchester, IL, has an opening for a Ag Mechanical Design Engineer.  This position is responsible for the engineering of new product and...nbsp;
  • Performance Guarantee


    You want your equipment to keep running, year after year. That's why we think it's important for you to understand Yetter Farm Equipment’s commitment to providing you with products built for years of use. From design to final assembly, Yetter products are constructed to withstand the ...t it.
  • Agronomist, Nebraska farmer, and Yetter equipment dealer


    rn"As a Yetter dealer, I maintain a close relationship with the Yetter team to stay up to date on the newest products and to discuss industry news. But when I need information quickly and a phone call is not an option, I turn to the Yetter website. The restructuring of the product informatio...s."rn
  • Selling Yetter Farm Equipment products for 15 years


    rn"I've been selling Yetter Farm Equipment products for 15 years, and every year Yetter has adapted its products to meet the current needs of producers. I think this flexible and progressive culture has energized Yetter for the past 80 years, making it a strong and growing agri-business.rn"N...t!"rn
  • Careers


    Why join the team at Yetter?  A progressive company We are in touch with the needs of our industry as we lead the way in residue management attachments, fertilizer application products, and row crop products. As the processes of farming change, our products evolve to meet the need. O...nbsp;
  • About Us


    Yetter Farm Equipment’s mission to provide profitable solutions for production agriculture has driven our company since 1930. Through our dedication to quality, outstanding customer service, and on-time delivery, we have become an industry leader in designing planter attachments and eq...nbsp;
  • Developed over 200 wildlife-habitat planters made from Yetter products


    rnBrent Jungman of Jungman Wildlife Supply has developed over 200 wildlife-habitat planters made from Yetter products. Using the 71 Planter Unit with the 2967 Screw Adjust Residue Managers mounted on the front of the planter, Jungman has created a unique design. "It took a little trial and e...t."rn
  • 2940 Air Adjust™ In-Cab Controller


    Quickly make adjustments to the Yetter Air Adjust products with the 2940 In-Cab-Controller, also available in an ISOBUS-compatible option.
  • Invention Submission


    We welcome submissions in the product categories listed below. Please review our terms and conditions before submitting.   We are seeking new product / invention submissions in the following categories: Fertilizer Application Residue Management Coulter Tillage Closing Wheels Ha...ions.

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