Yetter wishes you a safe & successful 2024 planting season!
Yetter Farm Equipment

10 Reasons to Buy Yetter

  1. A Name Tested by Time
    The Yetter name is known by generations of farm families. By listening and responding to the needs of farmers over the years, we have forged strong, lasting relationships. This is the cornerstone of Yetter Farm Equipment’s time-tested reputation for value, service, and effectiveness.
  2. Leadership Since 1930
    Since 1930, Yetter has been providing profitable solutions for production agriculture. Our combined years of experience far exceed that of our competitors.
  3. Ability to Meet Diverse Customer Needs
    Yetter supplies a large selection of products and offers the best solutions for your unique operation. Trained professionals will help you make the correct product selection. Perfect product matches provide greater productivity, along with a quicker return on investment.
  4. Experienced Customer Support Staff
    Our customer support professionals have years of experience. Among our sales and service teams, the average tenure is almost 20 years. Yetter has built an invaluable base of industry knowledge and crafted strong relationships with dealers, growers, and OEM partners. We are here to help—especially after the sale, with service and parts availability across North America and around the world.
  5. Performance Guarantee
    Our world-class performance guarantee adds value to the Yetter products you purchase. We put it in writing so there is no misunderstanding about our commitment to unparalleled customer satisfaction. You can buy with confidence knowing you are not alone.
  6. Quality and Value
    You can experience the quality of Yetter products while paying a fair price. All Yetter products come with a one-year warranty and are backed with a performance guarantee. Years of experience are built into each product, making the price you pay a real value.
  7. Strategic Partnerships
    Yetter supplies many of the original equipment manufacturers with complete products and sub-assemblies. Products sold under the Yetter name receive the same scrutiny for quality as required by OEMs.
  8. Innovative Solutions
    Thousands of farmers around the world rely on Yetter to provide innovative solutions for their production agriculture operations. From extensive experience comes real, practical solutions for tough farming conditions.
    • Precision solutions are offered for several different brands of planter units. These include planter attachments such as single disc and double disc coulters for coulter tillage, residue managers, floating row cleaners, seed furrow closing wheels, and coulter carts.
    • Precision fertilizer placement solutions include fertilizer coulters, anhydrous coulters, manure coulters, fertilizer placement products for liquid fertilizer and dry fertilizer, manure injection and fumigant injection products, bulk fertilizer products, and nurse tanks.
  9. Positive Attitude
    We want you to experience the Yetter “whatever it takes” attitude. Our empowered, professional staff focuses on making your buying experience as enjoyable and effortless as possible.
  10. The Yetter Difference
    The only way for Yetter to succeed is for you to succeed. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products based on customer feedback. It’s crucial to our success to have a thorough understanding of your farming operation.  

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