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10,000 Magnum™ Opener for Fertilizer Application

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The 10,000 Magnum Opener is a versatile fertilizer coulter for fall, pre-plant, and side-dress application of dry, liquid, and anhydrous fertilizers. Operating at speeds of up to 12 mph with minimal disturbance, the Magnum saves time and input costs.



  • Offers tube kit options for applying anhydrous, liquid, or dry fertilizer at high application speeds
  • Ideal for fall, pre-plant, or side-dress application
  • Mounting bracket available for optional residue manager to create a combo unit that clears strips with minimal soil disturbance
  • Single-disc design cuts through residue with minimal soil disturbance
  • Opener has a 22.6" blade set at a 4º angle
  • Walking tandem wheel option firms soil as it rolls through the field behind the SharkTooth® wheel and Magnum coulter
  • Closing wheels utilize three down pressure settings
  • Spring-loaded knife with carbide insert extends wear and life between replacements
  • Quick-to-replace beaver tails on the cast knife utilize MaxLife Carbide Edge™ weld to extend life between replacements


*Patent Pending


  • Toolbar mounting brackets available: 4" x 4", 4" x 6", 5" x 7", 6" x 4", 6" x 6", and 7" x 7"
  • Weight: 510.5 lbs. with walking tandem               
  • Length: 54" with walking tandem
  • Width: 15 1/4"

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Download file: 10000_Magnum.pdf



10000 Series Magnum Fertilizer Coulter

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10,000 Magnum™ Opener With Optional Row Cleaner

The optional 10000-080 mounting bracket for the 10,000 Magnum Opener makes it possible to add a floating row cleaner to the unit.

Double-Frame Hydraulic Locking Toolbar

The Double-Frame Hydraulic Locking Toolbar can be customized for a variety of applications, including strip-tillage, pre-plant or side-dress, fertilizing, and more.

Knife Tube Options for 10,000 Magnum™

Knife Tube Options for 10,000 Magnum™

Single-Frame Hydraulic Locking Toolbar

With the versatile design of the Single-Frame Hydraulic Locking Toolbar, growers can achieve the exact custom setup they need for a variety of applications, including strip-tillage, pre-plant or side-dress, fertilizing, and more.


Interseeding cover crops and side-dressing UAN with the Yetter 10,000 Magnum. Working great!

Keith Hartmann • MN

10,000 Magnum™ for Fertilizer Application

Overview of features and innovations on the new Magnum design from Yetter

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