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2967-006A Floating Row Cleaner - Row-Unit Mounted Kinze Coulter

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Achieve coulter tillage and residue management with the 2967-006A Floating Row Cleaner. Quick and easy to install around factory coulters, this row cleaner’s floating design provides a smooth ride for the row unit and handles changing field conditions.


  • Attaches to Kinze factory row unit mounted coulters (4000 Series or 2000/3000 Series coulters)
  • Can be adjusted to float and follow soil contour or be locked down to move tough residue
  • Compatible with the Precision Planting CleanSweep® controller
  • Available with range of residue management wheel options


2967-006A Floating Row Cleaner - Row-Unit Mounted Kinze Coulter

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2966-199 Soil Shield

Prevent soil buildup and enhance your Floater Wheel with the 2966-199 Soil Shield.

2967 Multi-Notched Disc

The 2967 Multi-Notched Disc is designed to easily move tough residue and soil in no-till farming operations.

Beveled Wheel

The Beveled Wheel moves residue, clods, rocks, and other debris to help improve planting conditions.

Finger Wheel

The Finger Wheel moves residue, clods, rocks, and other debris to help improve planting conditions.

Floater Wheel

The easy-to-install Floater Wheel increases surface area to keep your wheels turning and provides a point of contact to maintain row cleaner depth.

SharkTooth® Wheel

The industry-leading SharkTooth® Wheel features sharp, backward-sloping teeth.

  • Planter is not level—raise the planter drawbar
  • Too much row unit down pressure
  • Frame height is too low—refer to planter operator’s manual
  • Soil is very loose

  • Residue is hairpinning—too shallow
  • Soil is being moved—too deep
  • You see a wheel slow down once in a while—set about right

Yes, you can do whichever best fits your operation. If you take the seal out, you must grease every 50 hours. If you leave the seal intact, fill the wheel assembly with grease before using. No need to grease again until you replace the bearing.

In most conditions, mount the wheels offset in the front hole and rear hole. In some conditions, the wheels perform best when mounted in one front hole and one middle hole.

Very impressed!

"Very impressed with the Yetter Shark tooth combo. Able to just kiss the ground lightly to move root balls."

Allen Meissner • TX

Shark Tooth Residue Manager

Shark Tooth Residue Manager

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