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6200 N Keeper™

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Close the blade and knife opening created during pre-plant and side-dress fertilizer application with the 6200 N Keeper. This sealer attaches to the fertilizer coulter; the spring-loaded design features an adjustable wheel angle that allows for quick no-tool changes for various speeds and field conditions.


  • Seals the knife and blade opening after fertilizer is applied
  • Ideal for pre-plant and side-dress application
  • Features spring-loaded down pressure with three easy-to-adjust positions
  • Closing wheel angle is adjustable to increase or decrease amount of soil closure
  • Available for Yetter 2995 and 2996 fertilizer coulters, as well as other manufacturers' coulters
  • Compatible with Yetter closing wheels, SharkTooth® wheels, and cast press closing wheels


  • Weight: 40 lbs.

Sealer Arm and Wheel for 2995, 2996, & Gen III Coulters

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