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6200 Furrow Max™ Closing System

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The Furrow Max Closing System features multiple pressure settings that operate independently, and it helps overcome challenging planting conditions. First, closing discs successfully eliminate the compacted seed trench sidewall, then they press soil firmly back around the seed. The pressing action of the firming wheel reduces air pockets, increasing crucial seed-to-soil contact and conserving moisture.


  • With true independent suspensions, firming wheel travels completely independently of the closing discs
  • Offers four down pressure settings for closing discs and firming wheel
  • Uses 8″ closing discs with optional fertilizer kit
  • Standard 6.5" chevron-patterned firming wheel can be removed and replaced with a V closing wheel
  • Offers V closing wheel option to increase closing action

*Patent Pending

Focus Page

For even more in-depth information about the Furrow Max Closing System, visit the product focus page.


Product Focus Page

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