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1300-121 Seed Jet II™

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The 1300-121 Seed Jet II’s motor operates a blower that produces a stream of air through a rotating air lock, sending seed out through hose to fill the planter or drill. The rate at which seed is blown into the seeding equipment is controlled by a gate at the airlock, and seed flow can be started and stopped with the flip of a switch. 


  • Powered by a 13-horsepower Honda engine
  • Self-contained power plant attaches to grain wagon, rests in pickup truck, etc.
  • Features slide gate to easily adjust flow rate
  • 35' stainless steel hose and discharge cyclone eliminate repositioning
  • Optional wireless, handheld 1300-413 Remote Control starts and stops seed flow


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1300 Seed Box Train™

Stop and start seed flow with the flip of a switch and easily move from box to box with the 1300 Seed Box Train.

1300-413 Remote Control

This wireless, handheld remote starts and stops seed flow from the airlock on the 1300 Seed Jet power unit.

Most likely the engine oil level is too low. Check the engine oil level and add oil as necessary. The oil level must be on the “full” mark to engage the oil level sensor.

Use gear oil ISO (220), or an equivalent.

Lid Lift time saver

"The Lid Lift system saves time and it's easier for filling, or checking seed levels in boxes and it lets you open all rows in seconds with turn of a knob."

CFC Distributors, Inc. • IN

The reliability of this unit has been exceptional

Minnesota farmer Rick Loll and his sons have used the 1300 Seed Jet II™ from Yetter Farm Equipment for about ten years. "I think we’ve only changed one belt—and added gas," said Rick. "The reliability of this unit has been exceptional."

So exceptional that when operational needs—such as the desire to plant some Roundup Ready and some conventional soybeans—dictated the addition of another bulk seed system, Rick didn’t hesitate to turn to Yetter. The new Seed Jet II unit features a 13-horsepower engine. "It works just as well—if not better than—the first unit."

Both Rick’s Seed Jets are mounted on single-axle grain trucks, a unique setup that Rick said "was by far more economical than other options. They are there to stay. I don’t think my sons will even wear them out in their lifetimes!"

Rick also praises the simplicity of the Seed Jet II system.

Rick Loll • MN

Systems One Seed Jet II

Systems One Seed Jet II

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