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3600 Fertilizer Toolbar for John Deere 4710-4830 Sprayers

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The 3600 Fertilizer Toolbar, designed specifically for John Deere 4710-4830 sprayers with 80'–90' booms, allows you to side-dress corn later into the growing season, feeding crops based on their nutrient requirements. Configure this toolbar to meet your needs—it works with Yetter Parallel Linkage Fertilizer Coulters or Generation III Fertilizer Coulters.


  • Allows for fast changeover from spray boom to fertilizer toolbar with the quick-hitch system
  • Hinges hydraulically fold for narrow transport width when moving from field to field
  • Locks into unfolded position when in field with the hydraulically activated locking mechanisms


  • Estimated weight: 1,750 lbs.
  • Transport width: 15'
  • Hydraulic cylinders: 3,000 psi with hoses
  • Safety features: SMV emblem, light kit

Fertilizer Toolbar for Self Propelled Sprayers

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2996 Parallel Linkage Fertilizer Coulter

Efficient, effective placement of fertilizer is achieved with the 2996 Parallel Linkage Coulter.

Generation III Fertilizer Coulter

This spring-loaded coulter utilizes blade sizes from 17" to 20". Depth can quickly be adjusted to the desired setting with the toolbar mounting bracket.

Use less than 30 PSI to reduce the amount of splattering.

Center the blade on the hub so that it is concentric when it turns. Place the knife top up to the coulter blade so the knife and coulter blade just slightly contact each other at the tip. Then, as the coulter blade rotates up the knife, you want to have a gradual gap between the knife and coulter blade. Also, the knife needs to be centered side to side on the coulter blade.

In some conditions, a knife scraper is needed to keep the residue from dragging up on the fertilizer knife.

We don't lose nitrogen through nitrification

"We concluded that for our no-till operation, we needed to get fertilizer deeper into the ground. Because the Yetter injection system places the fertilizer in the ground, we don't lose nitrogen through nitrification or because it sits on the top of the residue. They've provided a big cost benefit because they've lowered our nitrogen needs per bushel. Yetter coulters are also are a pretty fuel-efficient option.

"I like Yetter products because they are well-researched and the designs advance with the times. Yetter sales reps are great—always willing to help me execute new ideas."

Eric Maaske • NE

Stand behind their investment

William and Robb Hinton stand behind their investment in the Yetter 3600 toolbar. The Hintons are a father-and-son team farming in Virginia's Northern Neck. This location is part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed and is very sensitive to environmental pollutants. "We feel very strongly about protecting this natural resource and use continuous no-till in our farming operation to help control runoff," said Robb. "The concept of injecting our nitrogen makes sense to us. It is not only environmentally responsible, but also profitable."

The Hintons are using no-till to build soil structure. This, in turn, adds organic matter and the possibility that they may be able to reduce their fertilizer requirements. Because of the build-up of residue that comes with no-till, the Hintons needed a better way to get the nitrogen they use to side-dress their corn directly to the root zone instead of on top of the ground, where it can be tied up in residue, evaporate in the heat, or run off with a heavy rain.

They turned to Yetter Farm Equipment for a solution. "The Yetter 3600 Fertilizer Toolbar meets all of our needs. We have been using it for two years and have seen a six bushel-per-acre increase in our yields, and we are working with our local extension office to statistically prove our results over different growing conditions," said Robb.

"This is a well-built piece of equipment that hooks up easily, transports safely, and has performed flawlessly in our side-dress operation," Robb added.

The Hintons were able to attach the 3600 toolbar to their 4730 John Deere sprayer with Swath Pro—they work perfectly together to reduce overlap and costs. Robb adds that the quick hitch is a must to attach the toolbar to the sprayer.

William and Robb Hinton • VA

3600 Folding Fertilizer Toolbar

3600 Folding Fertilizer Toolbar

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