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Double-Frame Hydraulic Locking Toolbar

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The Double-Frame Hydraulic Locking Toolbar can be customized for a variety of applications, including strip-tillage, pre-plant or side-dress, fertilizing, and more. The toolbar can either fold flat or onto an optional stand rest for transport. It is available in two widths: 31' and 41'.


  • Wings can be set to lock using the over-the-center hydraulic lockdown design or can be set to float
  • Can be customized for odd or even row spacing depending on the application of the attachment
  • Center and wing sections constructed of 7" x 7" bars with 3/8" wall tubing
  • Wings fold flat using 5" x 24" hydraulic cylinders; adjustable stop-stands can be added
  • Features 5" spacing between front and back bar
  • Fits category 3N, category 3 and category 4N hitches
  • Optional gauge wheels are adjustable with ratcheting turnbuckle to control operating depth
  • Optional rear hitch
  • Includes parking stand


  • Hydraulic cylinders: 5" x 24"
Model Actual Length Folded Width Weight
3831-101 31' Double-Frame Toolbar 30'7" 16' 3,000 lbs.
3841-101 41' Double-Frame Toolbar


21' 3,550 lbs.

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31' or 41' Double-Frame Hydraulic Locking Toolbar

  • Rear hitch for fertilizer cart
  • 3-point hitch options
    • Category 3
    • Category 3 Narrow
    • Category 4

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