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New Solutions

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1000 Auger AceTM - Features a hydraulic cylinder that allows for safe, quick and easy side-to-side positioning of an auger or conveyor in relation to the storage container or bin intake hole. READ MORE >>>

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6200-060 N Keeper - Seals the slot that is opened during fertilizer application, helping ensure growing plants can take full advantage of either pre-plant or side-dress applied N. READ MORE >>>

Studio shot of the 2995 Xtreme cutting coulter

2995-087 Xtreme Cutting Coulter (XCC) - Is capable of spring pressure up to 2,000 pounds (30 to 50 percent more than other models available), providing the power needed to cut through even the most difficult residue and soil conditions. READ MORE >>>

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2995-086 Xtreme Fertilizer Coulter (XFC) - Offers the same 2,000-pound down pressure as the XCC. Perfect for deep root banding and split application. READ MORE >>>

2984 Strip Freshener

2984 Strip Freshener - Uniquely designed blade arrangement offers the perfect amount of tillage to condition existing strips and warm planting zone. READ MORE >>>


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