Yetter Farm Equipment

Profitable Options

6150 Hydraulic Marker

6150 Hydraulic Marker - Increases down pressure for clearer marks and minimizes fence or tree snags. READ MORE >>>

2995 Parallel Linkage Fertilizer Coulter

2995 Parallel Linkage Fertilizer Coulter - Effective placement with minimal adjustment in both no-till and minimum tillage applications. READ MORE >>>

Studio shot of the 3000 Viper gauge wheel

3000 Viper® II With Gauge Wheel - Features spring-loaded, tungsten carbide reinforced knife and an adjustable gauge wheel. Runs at an operating depth of 1 to 3½ inches. READ MORE >>>

2920 Disc Sealer

2920 Disc Sealer - An anhydrous wheel sealer that pinches the slot closed. READ MORE >>>

Product finder logo

5000 Stalk Devastator - Protects tires and tracks from premature wear and damage. Available to fit more than 20 corn head models. READ MORE >>>

2982 Vertical Tillage Attachment

2982 Vertical Tillage Attachment - Ideal for a variety of fall and spring tasks. Bolts on to chisel plow, field cultivator, or soil finisher. READ MORE >>>


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