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2986 Avenger® for Manure Application

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The 2986 Avenger is designed with a 25" blade set at a minimal angle to open a slot, placing manure with very little disturbance. Use it in fall or spring to apply directly into pasture or hay ground, or use it for side-dress applications. 


  • Cuts through residue with minimal soil disturbance and minimizes ground cover loss with 25" blade set at a 5º angle
  • Self-adjusting spring-loaded scraper and 3" drop tube place manure into ground
  • Features heavy-duty cast hub and spindle with tapered roller bearings
  • Add optional skid shoes and optional sealing discs or closing wheels to close the opening and reduce odor and volatilization
  • Spring-loaded coulter protects unit from rocks


  • Mounting kits to fit 4" x 4", 4" x 6", 5" x 7", 6" x 6", and 7" x 7" toolbars
  • Weight: 280 lbs. with skid shoe option and 2920-016 sealers
  • Length: 57 1/16"  with 2920-016 sealers
  • Width: 17 21/64" with skid shoe

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Research project has been getting good results

A Pennsylvania research project has been getting good results using 2986 Avenger coulters from Yetter Farm Equipment to inject liquid dairy manure in corn test plots.

"We're looking for ways to incorporate manure with minimal disturbance to the no-till soil," said Doug Beegle, the extension nutrient management specialist for Penn State. Their research measures the agronomic, economic, and environmental benefits of processes and equipment for manure incorporation in no-till.

Over the past five years, shallow-disc injection has been shown to reduce ammonia loss, phosphorus runoff, soil erosion, and production costs compared to traditional manure incorporation or surface application.

Doug said injection also reduces odor emissions, which can be important for farms in populated areas. "The only downside for commercial farms is that injection, in general, is a slower process than broadcasting on the surface," said Doug.

He added, however, that four commercial operations have tried the process as part of their project and found it is slower than broadcasting, but not as slow as they had expected. The bottom line from the work in Pennsylvania is that shallow-disc injection has been shown to be a sound alternative, with multiple benefits, for manure management in no-till systems.

Doug Beegle • PA

Works well for the custom manure application business

Lehman Ag Service, Inc,. has only had its Yetter 2986 Avenger units since May, but is pleased with the work they do. Yetter Farm Equipment's manure injection system works well for the custom manure application business.

"We're impressed with how much liquid we can get and keep in the ground," said Josh Lehman. Already, he has used the Avengers on a number of no-till fields this spring, summer, and fall. For his business, he mounted six Avenger units to a custom-built toolbar that folds up to less than 10 feet to accommodate narrow Pennsylvania roads.

Prior to obtaining the Avengers, his operation mostly surface applied the manure.

"Everywhere we have been, the customers appear to be impressed with how we can retain the nutrients and reduce the odor as well," Josh said.

Josh Lehman • PA

2986 Avenger

2986 Avenger

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