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2984 Vertical Tillage Adapter

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The 2984 Vertical Tillage Adapter converts the 2984 Maverick™ HR Plus® into a coulter-only strip-till tool. Backed by 20 years of strip-till product experience, the Vertical Tillage Adapter is part of the Yetter lineup of specialty strip-till products that facilitate ideal seedbed preparation.


  • Warms the planting zone by tilling cool, wet soil
  • Utilizes two 16" coulters spaced 6" apart
  • Use to freshen fall strips
  • Tills 7" to 8" area
  • Bolts directly to Maverick shank in place of the knife


  • Blade options: Ripple or 13 SW
  • VTA adapter weight: 2.35 lbs.

2984 Maverick™ HR Plus®

The 2984 Maverick HR Plus is the strip-till tool for managing residue while placing fertilizer to create spring or fall strips for the planter to plant into.

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