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The Fast Ag Solutions DuraPlacer Toolbar is designed to pair with 2984 Strip Freshener CCs, allowing growers to place liquid or dry fertilizer while making strips. You can build strips in the fall or spring or freshen strips to make a great seedbed. The toolbar is available in 40' and 60' models. The DuraPlacer was developed in partnership with Fast Ag Solutions.


  • Available as 16- or 24-row toolbar with liquid or dry options
    • 1,800- or 2,400-gal. low-profile liquid fertilizer tank
    • 9-, 13-, or 14-ton dry fertilizer system (Montag or Lynx)
  • Has a narrow transport width of 15'3"
  • Available with single/dual tires or track options
  • Row spacing is 30"
  • Capable of application speeds up to 8–10 mph
  • Main wings flex 6° up and 13° down; flip wings flex 9° up and 8° down
  • Horsepower requirements depend on terrain, speed, depth, and fertilizer (325 hp and up)
  • Hydraulic down pressure on both main and flip wings
  • One hydraulic remote controls all fold functions
  • Retractable tongue reduces length in field position
  • Comes with road light package
  • Equipped with hydraulic pump/3" Quick-Fill
  • Has four adjustable gauge wheels
  • Durable powder-coat finish


Contact the Yetter sales team for information on 16- and 24-row toolbar options from Fast Ag Solutions.



Fast Duraplacer Liquid- 60' Strip Till/Strip Freshener

Fast Duraplacer Liquid- 60' Strip Till/Strip Freshener with 2400 Gallon Tank
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