Yetter wishes you a safe & successful 2024 planting season!
Yetter Farm Equipment



Harry and Etta Yetter portrait, founders of Yetter Manufacturing

4-row 71 Planter Unit in field

Profitable Solutions for Production Agriculture

Finding solutions to the problems facing farmers is what inspired Harry and Etta Yetter to open a small machine shop in rural Illinois in the 1930s. Soon, farmers from all over the Midwest flocked to western Illinois to purchase the Yetter solution: a wheel-cleaning device that removed and prevented mud build-up on metal tractor wheels.

Today, four generations later, we are still a family-owned business, and the Yetter tradition continues. As we move past our 90-year anniversary, Yetter is proud to be recognized as the leader in designing products that prepare the perfect seedbed and drive efficiency in your farming operation: planter attachments, residue management solutions, precision fertilizer placement equipment, and bulk seed handling products.

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