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2940 Air Adjust System

On-the-Go Adjustment for Your On-the-Go Operation

No field is perfectly uniform throughout, whether you use conventional till, no-till or other soil preparation practice. And taking time during spring planting to stop and make row cleaner adjustments for changing field conditions, while necessary, means fewer acres per day. The Air Adjust series of products from Yetter answers the call from producers for technology that allows you to cover more ground in less time. With the Air Adjust system, unit adjustments can be made from the tractor with the controller.

The 2940 Air Adjust System is made up of these components, which can be custom configured to meet all your needs:

2940 Hydraulic Cab Controls & Air Compressor Module

• Make adjustments quickly and accurately during planting with in-cab controller

• Height and down pressure settings can be adjusted independently

• Presets can be programmed with controller for quick changes

• Units can be raised from cab as needed with push of a button for wet areas, waterways, end rows, etc.


2940 Air Adjust Residue Manager

• Features parallel linkage so manager floats with ground contour

• Available in wide and narrow widths

• Adjust up and down pressures to create the ideal ride for residue managers

• Down pressure can be increased to fix row cleaner in rigid position


2940 Air Adjust Coulter/Residue Manager Combo

• Coulter can be removed and residue manager can still be run

• Adjustable air pressure


2940 Air Adjust Floating Basket

• Helps create smoother ride for planter gauge wheels and row unit


2940 Air Adjust Floating Residue Manager/Basket Combo

• Removes residue and firms soil for ideal seed bed and smooth ride for planter gauge wheels

• Pressure adjustments independently controlled


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