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Whether it’s coming to the rescue or taking care of business as usual, the Yetter Rotary Hoe—known for its spoon-bill wheel teeth—has been on the job since 1977.

  • Crusts formed after hard, pouring rains prevent crops from emerging. A rotary hoe is the perfect crust-busting tool.
  • Weed pressure threatens to choke young crops. The rotary hoe kicks weeds out of the ground, leaving their roots exposed to the drying sun. In organic farming operations, a few passes with the rotary hoe when weeds are trying to emerge can maintain crop health without chemicals.
  • Wet conditions delay planting. The rotary hoe aerates and fluffs soil so drying winds and warming sun can penetrate soil.
  • Lack of rain prevents newly applied chemicals from activating. A pass with the rotary hoe can incorporate chemicals and set them to work.

3400/3500 Conventional Rotary Hoe

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Stop weeds in their tracks and maintain the health of your crop with the field-proven 3400/3500 Conventional Rotary Hoe.

3400/3500 Min-Till Rotary Hoe

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The 3400/3500 Min-Till Rotary Hoe is the ideal fit for higher-residue operations.

3700 Ridge-Till Rotary Hoe

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Continue to treat planted bedded rows with the 3700 Ridge-Till Rotary Hoe, designed to till an area 15 wide on top of raised beds.