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Residue Management

Recommendations for Operating Planter Row Unit Mounted Residue Management Tools in Soft Soils


  • Make sure the planter frame height is adjusted to the correct height per the operator manual. (This is the most overlooked adjustment.)
  • Planter frames should be level front-to-back and side-to-side.
  • An awareness of planting depth must be maintained and checked frequently, especially with a change in soil conditions.
  • Residue management tools require adjustment to changing soil conditions.
  • Soil resistance keeps residue management tools operating properly to remove residue.

Depth Control

  • Floatation tires are recommended if fertilizer tanks are mounted on the planter frame.
  • The number of flex points relative to the planter frame length is important. The larger the frame the more flex points are required.
  • The footprint of the planter row unit depth gauge wheels should be sufficient to achieve adequate floatation in soft soils. “Dualing” the wheel may be required in extreme conditions.
  • Row unit gauge wheel tire size selection is driven by the capacity of the seed hopper and if a granular insecticide box is used.
  • Residue Management tools may require additional depth control for improved floatation.
  • When possible adjust the residue management tool to float independently of the row unit for improved operation.
  • Row unit down pressure springs should be adjusted to difficult soil conditions. Soft soils require less down pressure. The row unit must be adjusted for these conditions.

Horsepower Requirement

  • Horsepower requirements should be matched to the additional draft of the planter in soft soil condition.
  • Sufficient horsepower should be available to maintain operating ground speed of the residue management tools at 4-6 mph.


  • There are many different options of Residue Management tools with distinctly different characteristics.
  • Select the residue management tool that is the best match for the residue and field conditions.


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