Yetter Farm Equipment

New Products

Some of our newest products are featured below. For more in-depth press releases on our new products and options, visit our New Products News section.

10,000 Magnum™ Opener With Optional Row Cleaner

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The optional 10000-080 mounting bracket for the 10,000 Magnum Opener makes it possible to add a floating row cleaner to the unit.

1200 LidLift™

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During planting—when every minute counts—the task of filling planters goes more smoothly and takes less time with the 1200 LidLift.

2967-006 Floating Row Cleaner - Row-Unit Mounted Kinze Coulter

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Achieve coulter tillage and residue management with the 2967-006 Floating Row Cleaner.

2967-180A Floating Row Cleaner

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Designed specifically to pair with the 2959 Injection System, the 2967-180A Floating Row Cleaner turns this fertilizer injector into a combination unit that saves time and increases efficiency during planting.

6200 Twister Closing Wheel

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Achieve seed trench closure and break up sidewall compaction with the 6200 Twister Closing Wheel.

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