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Finding solutions to problems facing farmers is what inspired Harry and Etta Yetter to open a small machine shop in rural Illinois in the 1930s. Soon, farmers from all over the Midwest flocked to western Illinois to purchase the Yetter solution: a wheel-cleaning device that removed and prevented mud build-up on metal tractor wheels. Today, four generations later, the Yetter tradition continues. With more than 84 years of solutions for agriculture, Yetter is recognized as the leader in designing planter attachments, precision fertilizer placement, and bulk seed handling products.


Powered by Teamwork

Yetter Manufacturing also works with other leading companies to produce solutions to manufacturing challenges. These forward-thinking partnerships lead to the successful production of superior products. When you work with Yetter, you work with a team that values close interaction with its partners. We recognize our people as our greatest asset. Our innovative solutions and dedication to on-time, quality production set us apart from other manufacturing firms.  From 1930 to present .  .   .



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