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Strong Foundational Values



Enabling Strategies

Our relentless commitment to your satisfaction drives our processes. We know that continuous                                                                communication with our partners and utilization of industry-leading technology results in products that exceed expectations.

Close interaction with you is key to successful and cost-effective manufacturing. Our partners are always welcome to visit Yetter plants to facilitate communication and check project status. Yetter is online with most of our major contractor partners through Internet and proprietary systems, and we have the capability to be online with you. This facilitates accuracy and enables timely changes.

With state-of-the-art modeling capabilities using Creo software, Yetter personnel participate in the design and development of products. Incorporation of our production expertise during the initial design process results in the realization of cost savings opportunities. The final piece will be completed within budget, on schedule, and to your job specifications.

Quality Assurance

Yetter Manufacturing is dedicated to just-in-time and quality management principles. The entire Yetter team understands the importance of following the procedures outlined in our quality assurance manual. Our quality assurance program also includes:

  • Material certification.
  • FARO multi-axis measurement arm used to obtain detailed measurements.
  • Fixtures and tooling used to achieve consistent high quality.






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