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Maximize Your Yield, Maximize Your Return With Yetter Planter Attachments

Take a look at our products, see how they work, and see how you can realize savings with tools from Yetter Farm Equipment. This worksheet shows that adding Yetter planter attachments to a planting setup is one way to increase stand counts, resulting in the possibility of a significant return on investment. Remember, each operation and growing season is different, and other factors will affect stand counts.

General Farm Info Example Your Farm
Acres of corn planted annually 500
Average planting population 34,000
Average Field Stand Count after planting 32,000
Average plant population lost 2,000 0
Every 1,000 corn plants equals a 7 bushel-per-acre loss 7 7
Bushels lost per acre 14 0
Average per-bushel-price corn sold at last year $4.00
Number of rows on planter 16
Why Invest In Planting Attachments?  
Cost of Yetter residue manager per row $390.00
Total cost to equip planter $6,240.00
Revenue Loss With Lower Planting Population  
Bushel lost (x) by acres (x) by average price $28,000.00
Potential First Year Return-on-Investment  
Revenue (-) total cost of residue managers $21,760.00

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