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10,000 Cast Magnum™ for High Speed Application - Anhydrous Coulter

New Product!
  • Has a 22.6" blade set at a 4 degree angle
  • All cast design
  • Optional walking tandem sealer
  • Is capable of applying anhydrous, liquid, or dry fertilizer at high application speeds
  • Cuts through residue with minimal soil disturbance and minimal ground cover loss
  • Is ideal for fall application, pre-planting, and side-dressing
  • Floating scraper is self-adjusting and has a carbide tip for extended wear
  • Open-designed wiper wheel holds soil in place while coulter blade opens fertilizer slot
  • Fits 4"x4", 4"x6", 5"x7", 6"x4", 6"x6" and 7"x7" toolbars

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