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Fertilizer Add-on Kit - Yetter 2910-137 Injector

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  • How much pressure should I be using to inject liquid fertilizer?

    Use less than 30 p.s.i. to reduce the amount of "splattering".

  • How deep should I set the spring-loaded injection rod on my fertilizer coulter?

    Set the rod to operate at 1/2" below soil surface.

  • How do I properly “set-up” the fertilizer coulter with a “rear” knife?

    Center the blade on the hub, so that it is concentric when it turns. Place the knife top up to the coulter blade; so that the knife and coulter blade just slightly contact each other at the tip. Then as the coulter blade rotates up the knife, you want to have a gradual gap between the knife and coulter blade. Also the knife needs to be centered side to side on the coulter blade.

  • My fertilizer coulter is plugged with residue even though I have them adjusted properly. How can I prevent this?

    In some conditions a knife scraper is needed to keep the residue from "dragging" up on the fertilizer knife. 2970-133


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