1200 LidLift™

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During planting—when every minute counts—the task of filling planters goes more smoothly and takes less time with the 1200 LidLift™. Open all seed box lids with the turn of a knob to check seed levels or fill with seed. The LidLift holds lids down, so there’s no need to worry about losing lids during transport. It’s a simple upgrade to make filling row units easier. 


  • Saves time and makes filling or checking seed levels in boxes easier
  • Features quick-release latch for row-meter service
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Latching mechanism locks lid down until released manually or pneumatically
  • Prevents loss of lids during transport or planting
  • Fits most planter models with individual boxes
  • Requires small pneumatic source


*Patent Pending


  • Optional 2-gallon air compressor kit
  • Utilizes 1/4" airline tubing



Download file: 1200_LidLift.pdf

1200 LidLift

1200 LidLift