4000 Nutrient-Pro Coulter

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Spring-loaded and equipped with a depth-control wheel, the 4000 Nutrient-Pro Coulter is the right choice for precise placement of liquid or dry fertilizer. Proven in tough and diverse field conditions around the globe, this is a versatile coulter that can be frame-mounted on the planter or directly mounted to the toolbar.


  • Smooth-sided blades for minimal-disturbance application
  • 1/4"-thick blade design with beveled edge and boron-steel construction ensure durability at today’s operating speeds
  • Dry or liquid fertilizer placement for pre-plant, plant, and side-dress application
  • Three down pressure settings and five quick-adjust depth settings, no tools required
  • Universal mounting bracket kits fit planters as well as three-point or pull-type toolbars
  • Stainless steel fertilizer knife design ensures dependable service
  • Closing disc kit option available




  • Disc diameter: 18" or 20"
  • Fertilizer knives: Dry or liquid
  • Disc angle: 5° to 7°
  • Depth settings & adjustments: 1 1/2" to 5" (18" disc), 2 1/2" to 6" (20" disc)
  • Down pressure settings: 640 lbs., 520 lbs., 400 lbs.
  • Gauge wheel: 3" x 16", semi-pneumatic rubber tire, nylon/steel wheels, 40mm OD bearings



Download file: 4000_Nutrient-Pro_Fertilizer_Coulter.pdf



Side Dress Toolbar Mounts

  • 7" x 7" bar
  • 4" x 4" bar
  • 3" x 3" bar (diamond toolbar)
  • 6" x 3" bar
  • 6" x 2" bar
  • 5" x 7" bar

Planter Frame Mounts

  • John Deere: 1765NT, 1725, 1755, 1785
  • Case IH: 1250, 1255, 1240, 1245, 1225, 1235
  • White: 8816, 8824, 9812, 9816, 9824, 8100, 9100
  • Kinze: 3000 and 3600

All Steer Fertilizer Cart

Download file: 2000_All_Steer.pdf

HD Liquid Fertilizer Kit, 2910

Download file: 1326385937.pdf

High Clearance Injector Kit

Download file: 1326386107.pdf

Disc Sealer

Download file: 1481554653.pdf

Max Sealer Plus

Download file: 1476907521.pdf

Sealer Wheels W/2920-212 Bracket

Download file: 1326495106.pdf

Operator's / Instruction Manual W/ Parts Identification

Download file: 1326389019.pdf

Add on Kit

Download file: 1326389150.pdf

Cut and Feed Coulter/Fertilizer

Download file: 1481557893.pdf

Guidelines for the 2961-012 Cut-n-Feed

Download file: 1326389324.pdf

(New Style-2017-Present) Row Unit Mounted Double Disc Fertilizer Opener

Download file: 1482434297.pdf

Row Unit Mounted Double Disc Fertilizer Opener

Download file: 1482434557.pdf

(2009 and up)

Download file: 1326389509.pdf

Residue Manager for 2959 Offset Injection Coulter

Download file: 1484066408.pdf

Fertilizer Combination Unit

Download file: 1326391579.pdf

(Prior to 2016) Mid-mount Fertilizer Injection Opener

Download file: 1455555296.pdf

(2016 & Newer) Mid-mount Single & Dual Fertilizer Injection Opener, 2968-020A, -021A & 2968-040A, -041

Download file: 1490972848.pdf

2975-188 - 6" Set Back Kit, 7000 & KINZE 2975-189 “ 6 Set Back Kit 7200 Only

Download file: 1326391979.pdf

Rolling Basket Attachment

Download file: 1326397110.pdf

Magnum Fertilizer Coulter

Download file: 1326398515.pdf

Generation III Coulter

Download file: 1372341819.pdf

2995-086, 2995-087 & 2995-089 Xtreme Coulters

Download file: 2995_XFC_AND_2995_XCC_Coulter_RevA_1.pdf

Case T.O.W. KIT R.H. & L.H.

Download file: 1481555207.pdf

T.O.W. KIT R.H. & L.H.

Download file: 1326400859.pdf

Fertilizer Bar Kit for John Deere 1770 NT Planters

Download file: 1326399157.pdf

Fertilizer Bar Kit For CNH 1250 Planter

Download file: 1326399223.pdf

Fertilizer Coulter

Download file: 1326399311.pdf

Viper® II Fertilizer Coulter

Download file: 1380134960.pdf

Fertilizer Toolbar for Self Propelled Sprayers

Download file: 1326399740.pdf

Quick Response Shoe Assembly - JD7000/ Kinze 2000

Download file: 1326399966.pdf

Quick Response Shoe Assembly - White 6000/8000

Download file: 1326400169.pdf

Quick Response Shoe Assembly - Kinze 3000

Download file: 1326400238.pdf

Sealer arm and wheel for 2995, 2996, and Gen III coulters

Download file: 6200_Series_N-Keeper_RevB.pdf

Mounting Bar and Extension Kits

Download file: 1424794395.pdf